Following helpful feedback [no pun intended], I have decided to group all the Salvation Army Catering Units together on one page.   The vehicles can all work anywhere in the North West Area that the Salvation Army currently covers and are not restricted to any particular Fire & Rescue Service.

The Cheshire FRS SACU is Mercedes PN63PDO  and was seen at its base, 2 July 2019.
This vehicle is currently based at Lymm Fire Station, callsign E28S4.

 The last of the Ford Catering Units MM51OZP was seen opposite Salford Fire Station, 13 July 2019.
This vehicle is currently based at Salford Fire Station as G58S4.

The GMCFRS SACU was built on an Iveco Chassis, PO13FLL. It was seen at an incident in Skelmersdale, 16 September 2020..
This vehicle is currently based at Chadderton Fire Station as G35S4.

The latest SACU for Lancashire FRS is Mercedes PE63TZX but it was seen here over the border in Leigh, GMC, 28 December 2020.
This vehicle is normally based at SHQ with callsign L52S4.

The SACU for Merseyside CK06XPO was seen at a large fire in Earlestown, 20 May 2020.
It is normally based at Kirkdale Fire Station.