C54/B5/04 WIDNES

Widnes was one of the stations that 'moved ' in 1974.  Previously Station 12.1 then C54 in Lancashire County Fire Brigade, from 1st April 1974 it became part of the Cheshire County Brigade.  The first two pictures on this page are from Lancashire days.

After leaving Widnes, AEC Regent LTJ858 saw further service with Manchester Fire Brigade.
It was photographed at Manchester Training Centre, 20 June 1968.
[Copyright picture ~ Satis UK and reproduced with permisison.]

Accidents do occasionally happen, as shown when Bedford J4 276NTF left the road at Ditton, 22 April 1964.
All the firefighters got out safely and without serious injury.
[Copyright picture ~ Widnes Weekly News and reproduced with permission.]

Despite the accident above, Bedford J4 276NTF spent many more years at Widnes where it was seen 2 September 1971.
[Copyright picture ~ Satis and reproduced with permission.]

Bedford Emergency Tender 576YTD with bodywork by Cocker was also seen in the station yard, 2 September 1971.
[Copyright picture ~ Satis and reproduced with permission.]

Seen before delivery Ford D1000 LTC402K begain life with Lancashire County at Widnes, until the station passed into Cheshire in 1974.
[Copyright picture HCB-Angus Archives and reproduced with permission.]

Similar appliance Ford LTC4O3K was seen post 1974 carrying the Cheshire Fire Brigade name.
[Copyright picture ~  A. Fisher Collection and reproduced with permission.]

Dennis F49 VTU433R began life as an Emergency Tender at Widnes
but subsequently became a Chemical Incident Unit at Ellesmere Port.
(NP collection ~ courtesy Adey Allison)

Former Widnes Dennis RS SDM556V was used to transport the 'steamer' to events.  It was seen at Wilmslow Fire Station, 20 October 2007.

Although not lettered as such, DMB905X was used by the Cadets.
It was seen at Frodsham Fire Station Open Day, 9 July 2005.

Dennis RS133 was seen at the rear of the station, 13 July 1986.
[Copyright picture ~ K. Howarth and reproduced with permission.]

Two pictures of Dennis SS135 E460XLG clearly demonstrating the different appearance with and without striping.
[Copyright picture ~ A. Kent and reproduce with permission.]

Former Widnes Mercedes1124 was seen at the open day at Frodsham, 9 July 2005.

Also once based here, Mercedes L969TFM was seen in Chorley shortly before export, 20 March 2013.

Mercedes Atego Y496PTU was seen on Kenyon Lane, Croft, 21 August 2011.

A rare pairing with Y496PTU at a 6 pump incident in Greater Manchester
with MW52UDX from Cheadle, 20 November 2009.
[Copyright picture ~ K. Brown and reproduced with permission.]

Mercedes Atego DA54YUB was seen at Warrington Fire Station, 9 September 2012.

MAN DK57GCX was seen at Bosley, 5 days after a 15 pump fire there.

E-One bodied Scania P013AZN was seen  at a 12 pump fire in Prescot, Merseyside, 4 December 2016.
[Copyright picture ~ A. Daley and reproduced with permission.]

Scania MX17GBF was seen in the station yard, 31 July 2017.
[Copyright picture ~ A. Daley and reproduced with permission.]