With deteriorating conditions at both Moorland fires, I decided to visit one or two local fire stations to see if any visiting appliances were on standby.  One of the early visits was to Bury Fire Station, which at the time was empty.
As I was leaving, a friend from Rochdale rang to say there was a lot of smoke which he thought was in the vicinty of Sandfold Retail Park.  I said I would head over in that general direction, and less than half a mile into my journey, I had a visual on the incident.  Where ever it was, it was evident that this was a serious fire.   It turned out to be a Make Pumps 8 at a Pallet Yard on Crawford Street.

PF08SNX from Broughton behind a line up of unidentified pumps.

MH04FHZ from Heywood.

PO11AVF from Ramsbottom.

MX03RVA arriving from Whitehill.

PO11AVK also from Whitehill.

PN08UXK from Hollins.

PO18TVW from Ashton under Lyne.

PO67CJX also from Ashton under Lyne.

PN05EHC from Horwich.

Early in the evening I repeated what I had done in the morning, that is, visiting certain fire stations.   As I was approaching Bolton Central Fire Station, I saw an appliance from Cheshire going into the station yard.  I parked up nearby, and in less than 10 minutes this appliance, from Poynton, was mobile to an incident.   Then it was off to Bury Fire Station again, where another Cheshire appliance was on standby, this time from Birchwood.

DA02MZU from Poynton, turning out from Bolton Central Fire Station.

DA52YZJ from Birchwood at Bury Fire Station.

Finally, on my way home, I took a couple of pictures of Winter Hill as the smoke was obliterating the setting sun.



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