As indicated this was the Skelmersdale crew in 1910.
[Copyright picture ~ Stuart Wilkinson collection and reproduce with permission.]

Although emblazoned with 'MANCHESTER' on the side, this Shand-Mason steamer was originally at Skelmersdale.
[Copyright picture ~ Stuart Wilkinson and reproduced with permission.]

Subsequently the old town of Skelmersdale was covered from Ormskirk and Rainford Fire Stations, but in the late 60's Skelmersdale began to expand as one of Britain's 'new towns'.  Until it's purpose built fire station was erected, it was a single pump station responding from a garage in the town.

The 'temporary' fire station in Skelmersdale, 24 May 1970.
[Copyright picture ~ K.Howarth and reproduced with permission.]

Bedford KEL RTE139C is seen at a property fire in Billinge in 1973.

Bedford RTE139C at workshops after suffering accident damage.
[Copyright picture ~ A. Collier and reproduced with permission.]

From this batch of D1014s, only NTJ65K remained with Lancashire after reorganisation in 1974.
It was part of the Reserve Fleet when seen here.
[Copyright picture ~ K.F.Reid MBE and reproduced with permission.]

ERF NCW36P was also in the reserve fleet when seen here, 19 June 1986.
[Copyright picture ~ K.F.Reid MBE and reproduced with permission.]

Much later came Bedford KG VFV732V seen on the station forecourt.
[Copyright picture ~ K. F. Reid MBE and reproduced with permission.]

A pristine E115HCW was seen at Washington Hall, 21 May 1988.
[Copyright picture ~ K Howarth and reproduced with permission.]

Leyland E115HCW was still going strong in Paraguay in 2012.
[Copyright picture ~ K. F. Reid and reproduced with permisison.]

Leyland Freighter E123HCW was seen on the station forecourt.
[Copyright picture ~ D. Barker-Brown and reproduced with permission.]

Aftre withdrawal E123HCW was seen in the yard of Altrincham Fire Station in GMC,
believed bound for a third world country, 2 February 2004.

Leyland Freighter K156SCK is shown as jointly built by Fulton Wylie and Emergency One.
[Copyright picture ~ D. Barker-Brown and reproduced with permission.]

The same appliance was seen more recently in the latest livery as a reserve at Blackburn, 15 August 2005.

In private ownership, Leyland K156SCK was seen at Church, 14 March 2008.

Daf 55 PN52VJG was also seen leaving Burscough, 12 October 2010.

DAF LF PO56VGV was seen after a 20 pump fire in Leyland, 22 December 2011.

Vauxhall PCV PN07EGX was seen in the station yard, 16 August 2007.

Daf LF PO62KXW was seen at a large fire near Preston, 10 April 2015.

Daf LF PO62KBY was seen at a 15 pump fire in Wigan, 14 June 2015.