15 AUGUST 2007


Since the inception of the website, it has been my policy to display Library Pictures of Appliances on the station page where the appliance was first allocated.  In brigades where there is a general hand-down of appliances, this has resulted in some Library Pages having numerous pictures on them, whilst other stations have none at all, since they have probably never been allocated a new appliance.

From the above date, NORMALLY, Library Pictures will be added to the page to where the appliance was based at the time the picture was taken.  This should lead to a more even distribution of pictures.   It also means that individual appliances may now appear on more than one Library page.

Please note, however, that I do not intend changing those already posted.

9 MARCH 2010


From 1st March 2010 all revised and new fire station pictures will be increased in size, thereby making them the same size as appliance and incident pictures.  Additionally, the date of the photograph will also be posted.

11 DECEMBER 2013


Most visitors to this website will be aware of a number of issues facing N.W. Fire & Rescue Services at this time, with possibly closures of fire stations and reductions of appliances being amongst the most contentious.  I want to remind everyone that from day one I have been determined that this website shall in no way ever become a political tool.   It is here quite simply to provide a photographic record both of the present time and also an historical record of times past, to the best of my ability.    This is not me trying to bury my head in the sand.  I have my views, but this is NOT the forum for expressing those views.   Could I therefore make a polite request that items of a 'political nature' are not sent to me for inclusion on this website as they will always be rejected.

16 JUNE 2015


Up till now, I have generally updated appliance pictures whenever I have taken a newer picture.   This will continue.   However, I am often asked about certain appliances at incidents which of course over a period of time 'disappear' from the site.   From now on, as well as updating Home Pages, whenever I create a new Incident Page, I shall also include pictures of appliances seen at the incident.  These particular pictures will remain in situ, hopefully giving a more accurate view of which appliances attended.   Of course, it should be noted that I am not always able to photograph every appliance in attendance, so just because an appliance doesn't feature, won't necessarily mean that it didn't attend.



With more space available for photographs, from now on, if I have night-time shots of appliances, I will include them with the daytime pictures [where available] rather than replacing them.