Passengers arriving at Piccadilly from the south were greeted with the site of fire appliances and other emergency vehicles and personnel.   However, they could be reassured that there was not a major incident taking place at the station, but rather EXERCISE PESTLE.

The scenario was that a car had crashed on to a railway line.  The two occupants in the vehicle were trapped and subsequently hit by Pacer 142052 coupled to Sprinter 150276.  There were over a 100 passengers in the 4 carriages with varying degrees of injury.  Thankfully, most were 'walking wounded', but evacuation from the train was difficult due to its position.

I am most grateful to Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service and to Network Rail for all they help they gave to enable me to bring these pictures.

These two happy young ladies seem blissfully unaware of the danger they are in!

Pacer 142052 was approaching their vehicle.

On the rear, and adding to the weight, was Sprinter 150276.

I wonder if they were still smiling?

A call to the emergency services was made and on their arrival BTP Officers were briefed on what had happened.

The first appliances began to arrive headed by PO60KWR from Philips Park.

Close behind was PN05EHG from Broughton.

Also on the PDA were  pump PF08OZC and the Enhance Rescue Unit from Ashton under Lyne.

Enhanced Rescue Unit MV54AYX.

Close behind the Fire Service was the Ambulance HART team, with CN10DUJ...

... BX58BYY...

..and WX58LFE with WX11CDO [not included here.]

Completing the initial attendance for the fire service was MH04FJD from Gorton.

Crews were briefed on their arrival.

Whilst some crews were deployed to the train itself, others assessed the condition of the two girls in the car.

The HART team were bringing equipment to the scene.

At the same time, a paramedic was being updated on the condition of the casualties in the car.

Meanwhile, on the train, the evacuation of the passengers had begun.

Many passengers, though shaken up, were able to walk away unaided.

The two ladies seem relieved to be out of the train, though one had a very sore arm!

Police took passenger details, whilst Paramedics assessed the casualties again.

More assistance for the emerging passengers was available on Platform 1.

A 'MAJOR INCIDENT' having been declared, more fire service personnel began to arrive with reserve appliance MF51EXM from Moss Side.

Then came PN05EHC from Blackley...

MH04FHZ from Stockport...

and MV53EXL from Chadderton.

PN57AOZ from Agecroft attended as support pump for the Incident Command Unit.

ICU P21GNA completed the fire service line up.

A Police Officer directed SACU 'B' N665WVR and support vehicle from Salford.

The Incident Commander in conversation with Rail Officials.

Back at the car, the casualties had been stabilized prior to extrication.

A spinal board was moved into place.

Great care had to be taken as the casualty was placed on the board.

Almost there...

The driver had finally been released from the vehicle.

Further checks could then be made on her condition ~ and she was still smiling!

The Incident Command Unit was soon set up.

And more casualites were evacuated from the train carriages.

Medical attention also had to be given to the train driver.

The difficulties of working in a confined space.

Concluding this selection of pictures, two more casualties enjoy a post traumatic snack, though the one on the right looks far from well!

Although not on the actual attendance, PN08UWW from Manchester Central had been in attendance whilst the whole exercise was set up.