13 MARCH 2010

I am most grateful for all the assistance I received in being able to bring these pictures, and especially to all the casualties who very kindly gave their consent for the pictures to be included on this website.


A single-deck Dennis Dart bus was involved in a Road Traffic Collision whilst on route to a local hospital.  As a consequence, the vehicle overturned trapping approximately 20 people including the driver.  There were also children on board.   The driver was seriously injured along with some of the passengers.  Others were able to walk from the scene once released.     Two people received fatal injuries.
The bus narrowly missed a lamp-post, but in so doing, it made rescue of casualties through the rear window virtually impossible.


Appliances attended from across Greater Manchester including an Enhanced Rescue Unit and an Operational Support Unit.  The North West Air Ambulance also attended along with the Police Helicopter ~ India 99.   The Majax Incident Support Unit from the North West Ambulance Service was in attendance, plus a team of Doctors.   The Salvation Army were also in attendance with the 'B' Unit from Salford.

The first response appliance was MF51EXK from Wythenshawe.

This was closely followed by the support pump for the E.R.U. MW52UDV from Leigh.

Enhanced Rescue Unit MV54AYU from Leigh.

Completing the initial attendance was PF08SNN from Stretford.

Crews get to work assessing the situation.

Due to the nature of the incident and the number of casualties, an assisatnce message was sent for more resources.

First on scene on the 'make-up' was PN57AOZ from Agecroft.

Salford attended with both appliances PF08SNY ...

... and PF08SNX

Operational Support Unit MV54AYT attended from Hyde...

...with support pump MF51EXL also from Hyde.

Reserve Volvo V475EBA from Broughton was also in attendance throughout the exercise.

Incident Support Unit YX02LXD  [MAJAX1] from North West Ambulance Service.

The North West Air Ambulance arriving on scene.

The crew disembarks.

India 99 arriving.

India 99 just after touchdown.

Also in attendance throughout the exercise was Salvation Army Catering Unit 'B' N665WVR based at Salford.

A general view of the Incident Scene with the overturned vehicle on the far left.


The vehicle was made totally stable.

The badly injured and unconscious driver.

The windscreen was removed to rescue the driver and to gain access inside the vehicle.

Elsewhere a triage area was being constructed.

Once the driver was released it was easier to remove other casualties.

They were then taken to the Triage area for medical assessment.

A seriously injured casualty was being taken across to the Air Ambulance.

A further assessment was made at the Air Ambulance.

This man was lcukier, being able to limp away with the aid of a fire-fighter,

Access was made to the rear of the vehicle but proved almost impossible to effect any rescues.

Accordingly, crews set to work cutting a hole in the roof of the vehicle.

With the hole complete, further access into the vehicle was available.


Many thanks again to the casualties for giving permission for their pictures to be included.

Hot drinks on a cold morning.

Despite serious cuts and abrasions, many could still smile for the camera.

Having been at death's door, the driver soon recovered, albeit with a 'shiner'.

Two more casualties show off their injuries.

Some of the medics have a well earned cuppa.


The helicopters depart.