Dennis R RLV37T was seen in the yard at Millfields.
[Copyright picture ~ A. Kent and reproduced with permission.]

Dennis RS DWM606Y was one of a number of such appliances used as combined Control Unit/Emergency Tender.
[Copyright picture ~ A. Kent and reproduced with permission.]

Another shot of ET/ConU DWM6096Y on the station forecourt.
[Copyright picture ~ K. F. Reid MBE and reproduced with permission.]

Complementing the picture below, F934YCM was photogrpahed here whilst still in front line service.
[Copyright picture ~ W. Jopson and reproduced with permission.]

Dennis SS135 F934YCM was in use as a Driver Training Vehicle when seen at Whiston in July 2005.
Note: The grille may have been changed as the bodywork is actually Mountain Range not Carmichael.
(Copyright photo ~ D.Price and reproduced with permission)

Dennis Prime Mover H654JKF with the Special Rescue Pod.
[NP collection ~ courtesy A. Collier.]

Dennis SS M771WKC was being used as a reserve appliance when seen at Old Swan, 26 February 2007.

CPL K474OKB was in use at a major fire in a former church in St. Helens Centre, 5 July 2004.

 TVAC-bodied Scania DK05HBC was seen in Knowsley during an exercise there, 2 February 2012.