Over the second weekend of January 2005, severe storms battered much of North-West Britain.   There was widespread flooding in Carlisle, with the City Centre being completely cut off at one point.   As a result of this, a number of 'New Dimension' vehicles were sent to the City, believed to be from the Training College at Moreton-in-Marsh.  All of the ones I saw are shown below, along with the MRV based at Carlisle Fire Station.  The Fire Station was badly affected, but apparently not quite as badly as the adjacent Police Station.

I know at least three people died in the area, and many local people have lossed all their possessions.  I offer my condolences to the bereaved and my sympathy to those whose homes have been so seriously damaged.

All these pictures were taken on Wednesday 12 January 2005.

PM005 ~ WX54VLO

PM007 ~ WX54VLR

PM009 ~ WX54VLU

As will be noted in the above two pictures, PM010 ~WX54VLV was almost inaccessible.
However, I have decied to include them for the sake of completeness.

PM077 ~ WX54VNE

Pod off PM077 ~ the rear portion (right hand side of picture) is the Hose Layer
The legend on the front is:
HFS Hytrans Fire System
Mobile Super Water Supply System

Also off PM077 is this pumping unit

Two shots of PM079 ~ WX54VNG

Carlisle's MRV seen at work outside the Police Station