[previously HOYLAKE]

Dennis F8 PMA817 was seen ont he forecourt of Hoylake Fire Station.
[Copyright picture ~ N. Glover and reprodiced with permission.]

Dennis F8 YMA221 from Hoylake was at Bebington when this picture was taken.
[Copyright picture ~ R. Simpson and reproduced with permission.]

This picture of F24 941NMB was taken outside the old Hoylake Fire Station.
[Copyright picture ~ R. Simpson and reproduced with permission.]

Dennis F24 941NMB was seen in the yard at Upton Fire Station after passing to Merseyside.
[Copyright picutre ~ J. Murray and reproduced with permission.]

Land Rover L4T 509STU was seen after passing to Merseyside.
[Picture courtesy MF&RS and reproduced with permission.]

ERF LFY461R parked at an angle indicating that is was well and truly bogged down and awaiting recovery.
[Copyright picture ~ N. Glover and reproduced with permission.]

Dennis RS B917KWM on the forecourt of the then relatively new West Kirby Fire Station.
(NP collection ~ courtesy Adey Allison)

Also based at West Kirby was Land Rover GCA684X
It was seen at the Greater Manchester Fire Extravaganza, Milnrow, 3 September 2005.

Scania Y243XRN was seen in front of the station, September 2008.
[Copyright picture ~ S. N. Rowley, FireFotos, and reproduced with permission.]

Ford Ranger W197JNE was moved here in late 2006, and was also seen in the station yard, 7 March 2007.

PM013 WX54VLA with HVPU, temporarily based at West Kirby where it was seen 7 March 2007.

PM072 WX54VMZ, was seen at Toll Bar, near Doncaster during the floods there, 1 July 2007.
[Copyright picture ~ Simon N. Rowley and reproduced with permission.]

 PM154 WX54VSU was seen at Washington Hall, 12 February 2011.