(22 NOVEMBER 2006)

The Combined Aerial Rescue Platform Hilton 270T - CARP is the latest appliance developed by this highly respected company.

The Plastisol GRP Superstructure has 7.5m3 of storage space.  Two through lockers ensure equipment is accessible from both sides.

It also has two low-level lockers for the heavier equipment and roof space for mounting various ladder gantries and ancilliary equipment.

The pump has a designated CAFS outlet in the pump bay and Hale's FoamLogix control system to proportion the foam at the desired induction rate.  Two hose reels will be fitted, one complete with 55m of high-pressure firefighting hose and the other with 55m of the new Goodyear high visibility CAFS hose.

The CARP has a rear steer axle giving it a turning radius of 17.9m.  The total vehicle is very compact with overall dimensions of

Driving height = 3.30m
Driving length = 9.50m
Driving width = 2.40m

The appliance is equipped with a 27m aerial platform with a maximum outreach of 24.5m.  Even with this performance the cage can carry a total payload of 400kg.