13th March 2006 ~ Page 1

The Lancashire LFs are presented in registration order and include the proposed allocations.

PF04UXN is due to be allocated to C57 Penwortham.

PO55WDS already wearing the brigade crest and TVAC logo between the doors is expected to go to C50 Preston.

PO55WDT is also expected to go to C50 Preston.

PO55WDU is expected to be the first LF allocated to E71 Blackburn.

This second shot of PO55WDU shows that the pump locker now has doors rather than a roller shutter as on the prototype.

PO55WDV is also expected to go to E71 Blackburn.

The final appliance in this first batch, PO55WDW is expected to head to P90 Burnley.