25 FEBRUARY 1948 ~ 18 AUGUST 2008

Tommy Walsh R.I.P.

Although I only met Tommy for the first time in 2006, through this website, I came to regard him as a true friend and a real gentleman.  Along with Arthur Collier, he did much to encourage me in the development of the Library Pages of the site, and also offered great personal support to me and my family after my retirement.   Amongst a variety of occupations, he served as a fire fighter, joining Lancashire County Fire Brigade where he served at Hindley Fire Station, prior to moving into Greater Manchester in 1974.   In spirit he remained a "Lanky mon" until his death, and it was a great joy to him to be able to return to Washington Hall at the beginning of June 2008.

Knowing that his illness was terminal, when I visited him in Christie's Hospital a few weeks before his death, he expressed a wish that his funeral cortege should drive past Hindley Fire Station and pause there for a few moments.  In true fire service tradition, the pump was pulled out and the crew were on parade.  It was the family's wish that pictures should be taken of this event and used on this website.

I am indebted to Keith Howarth who very kindly donated his time to take these photographs on my camera.

Members of the family stood with heads bowed as the cortege arrived at the Fire Station.

With the flag at half-mast, the watch paid their respects.

Eldest son, John, a  local policeman, thanked the crew.

Youngest son, Ryan, similarly thanked all the crew.

The cortege then drove via Borsdane Avenue to the church.

At the church, I had the privilege of welcoming Borough Commander John Harding along with Neil Gaskell.