19 JUNE 2011.

The initial call to this incident was round about 0500.   The call for the SACU came at around 0530 when the 'B' unit was mobilised from Salford Fire Station.   However, due to the large numbers of personnel in attendance, by midday that van was almost empty and it was necessary to organise transport to Crewe to re-stock.   There was a 15 pump relief and I was asked to attend straight from church and taking the 'A' unit from Whitefield.

Peckforton Castle is a spectacular location.  Not far from Tarporley, it is high on a hill and in a forest, and is very popular both for weddings and other major functions, and also as a film and television location.  Originally the home of Lord Tollemache and built in the early 19th Century, this Grade I listed building is the only intact medieval style Castle in the country. Over the years the castle has been the location for numerous movies including Robin Hood and Dr Who.
Thanks to the efforts of all the firefighters the fire was confined to one wing [approx. 25% of the castle] which nonetheless suffered severe damage by fire.

It was a sad day made even sadder by the fact that this was an arson attack.

Access to the fire area was understandably restricted and I have few pictures of the actual incident.  However, I felt it would be worthwhile creating this page to show what was going on in this beautiful location.

Despite the tragedy of the day, the Union Flag still flew proudly over the Castle.

An usual picture of  R48FMA from Nantwich high up in the courtyard.

A pump from Ellesmere Port and ALP from Chester were hard at work below the castle.

From a distance, I managed to capture glimpses of the damaged windows.

As expected, the courtyard was a hive of activity.


Most of the pictures of appliances have been added to the respective station home pages.  Below is a miscellaneous selection.

Dennis Sabre V897JMA from Chester.

Cheshire's first two Mercedes Atego appliances, Y496PTU & Y495PTU in the forest.

SACUs J269TTX & N665WVR with V895JMA from Crewe.