Although the photographer was obviously more interested in the personnel rather than the appliance,
it was still felt worthwhile including a picture of ETJ417 a Leyland FTK1 PE previously owned by Haslingden MB.
It was photographed during the Haslingden Carnival, 9 September 1950.
(Photo reproduced courtey of Haslingden Fire Station, and restored by Brian Baxendale.)

Karrier Water tender 109HTC was subsequently allocated to the Training Centre where it was photographed.
[Copyright picture ~ Malcolm Nuttall and reproduced with permission.]

Some twenty years later, it was Ford D600 WTD 869H which served the local community.
[Copyright picture ~ D. Barker-Brown and reproduced with permission.]

WTD869H then went on to serve as a reserve ET, in which role it was seen at Fulwood, 29 June 1986.
[Copyright picture ~ K. F. Reid MBE and reproduced with permission.]

The Ford was replaced by ERF LHG320N seen in the station yard.
(Photo reproduced courtey of Haslingden Fire Station.)

Leyland Freighter E124HCW was to spend its entire operational time here
before eventually moving into the Training fleet.
[Copyright picture ~ D. Barker-Brown and reproduced with permission.]

Here E124HCW is seen at an 8 pump fire in Haslingden, 4 May 2002.

E124HCW was seen at training school with F129JEO 13 December 2004.

Daf-55 T133BCK was seen on the station forecourt, 1 October 2009.