Two Community Vehicles were introduced during August 2012.

Iveco PO12BFX is lettered as COMMUNITY VEHICLE.  The nearside of the vehicle can be opened with a stage area.  Alternately, the interior can be used as a cinema at which time seats can be fitted, or it can be partitioned into three seperate 'classrooms'.   As well as the stepped access at the rear, there is also an electronic ramp to allow for disabled access.

All pictures were taken at Leigh T.S.C., 23 August 2012.

The second Community Vehicle is a converted Volvo FL6 fire appliance, X851KNA which was originally based at Hollins Fire Station.   The water tank has been removed, extra lighting has been added, plus amplifier and speakers, and it has been made to accomodate personnel at roof level in safety.   This will be known as the PARADE VEHICLE.   In the pictures below, it carries advertising that will be used at the Manchester Pride Festival.  This advertising can be easily removed and replaced with appropriate advertising for whatever event the vehicle attends.

Interior shots were taken at Leigh T.S.C., 23 August 2012.

The headlights and fog lights now flash 'blue' plus extra repeater lights have been fitted on the grille.

Advertising on the former locker doors with 7 repeater lights each side,

This picture was taken from the platform on top.

Looking more like one of the newer appliance with the roller shutter removed,
these doors open to allow the staircase to come out for roof platform access.

Exterior shots were taken at Leigh T.S.C., 24 August 2012.

Though not immediately obvious in this picture, the appliance 'glitters' in the sunshine.

The glitter shows up slightly better in these two pictures and covers all the red, black and silver areas.

The rear end with apologies for the sun marks on the left hand door.