27 July 2011

Location : West Street, Congleton

Status : Day-crewed

Allocation : 1 Pump, 1 SIU, 1 HVPU

MAN DK08AHV was seen at the Strategic Holding Area in Greater Manchester during Exercise Triton 2, 14 July 2016.

Iveco MX59KOD was seen in the station yard, 26 April 2015.
[Copyright picture ~ A. Daley and reproduced with permission.]

PM046 WX54VJP was seen at the major incident in Bosley, 18 July 2015.

This picture of PM046 WX54VJP was taken near Toll Bar, Doncaster, 1 July 2007.
The Scania at the rear was EU54ZVD from Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.
[Copyright picture ~ Simon N. Rowley and reproduced with permission.]

PM069 WX54VMV was seen on Kenyon Lane, Croft,21 August 2011.