22 APRIL 2010

Following a long dry spell, mid-April 2010 turned out to be a busy time for Fire & Rescue Services across the country.   This particular incident was attended by Pumps and Special Appliances from Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Services.   Unfortunately it is almost impossible on a photograph to illustrate the huge area of moorland involved.  The fire front in this particular case was probably 2 to 3 miles long.  It must also be appreciated that night was falling fast when many of these pictures were taken.

High on the moors, Y539XEO from Bacup and MV53EXL from Chadderton.

I don't have many opportunities to include West Yorkshire appliances on this website.  L4P YJ09OYX was from Holmfirth.

Also from Holmfirth, almost 30 miles away, was Volvo X684NDN.

Ex-Heywood Volvo X844KNA was being used as a reserve appliance from Rochdale.

This pall of smoke [and others] could be seen for many miles.

I have tried to illustrate in the above shots, the huge fire spread.

This particular extinguished area had an almost eerie feel to it with a sense of destruction and devastation.

Holmfirth's Volvo X684NDN over on the moors.

As the wind increased, so too did the height of the flames.