2 MAY 2010

Another incident I was called to with the Canteen Van.  The intial call came in at MP5, and the incident was about 5 minutes away from where I live.  It subsequently went to 8 Pumps, 2 Hydraulic Platforms, plus specials and support pumps, and SACU 'B'.   At the height of the blaze there were approximately 20 appliances in attendance.  The majority of the pictures below appear in chronological order as I awaited the arrival of our van.  All pictures were taken from a safe distance in many cases using a telephoto lense.

The smoke from the incident was quite visible from my home.

The first Hydraulic Platform to arrive was PN05UVJ from Bolton Central.

It was not long before the fire began to break through the roof.

Bolton Central's HPV was rapidly deployed.

By this stage the fire was really well established.

It's hard to believe the above four pictures were taken in daylight!

Further appliances were arriving including the Pump and Operational Support Unit from Hyde.

The second HPV can be seen arriving from Leigh.

By now it was an 8 pump incident which brought on the ICU and support pump from Agecroft.

The building was still well alight, but with the arrival of the van, it was time to do other work.