4/5 MAY 2007

Following an unusually long spell of dry weather at this time of the year, crews were faced with large areas of Moorland ablaze in the Belmont and surrounding areas. On Friday 4th May, pumps were made 12 whilst the next day pumps were made 10.   Both incidents were attended by appliances from both Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

Below are a selection of pictures from the incident including a number of appliance line-ups.  Most individual appliances that were photogrpahed have been added to their usual station page.

At the time this picture was taken, 5 pumps were attending, 4 May 2007.

4 of the first 5 pumps, Lancs PRL Darwen [E760], GMC WRL Bolton North [W51],
Lancs PL Chorley [S540] and Lancs P Darwen [E761]/.

All 5 pumps are visible in this shot, with GMC WRL Bolton Central [W50] in the distance,
and beyond that ISU E714 and support pump E711, both from Blackburn.

Shortly after this picture was taken pumps were made up to 10.

GMC L6P Bolton North [W513] T271MBA was seen crossing the type of rugged terrain for which it was intended.

The number of appliances attending had significantly increased by the time this picture was taken.
GMC WRL Bolton Central [W50], Lancs CSU Fulwood [C523], Lancs PRL Darwen [E760],
GMC WRL Bolton North [W51], Lancs PL Chorley [S540], Lancs P Darwen[E761],
Lancs L4P Darwen [E769], Lancs P  Preston [C501], and Lancs MISU Preston [C507]
are all [just about] visible in this shot.

With the fire spreading westwards towards a plantation area, pumps were then made up to 12.

Lancs P Hynburn [E701], GMC PL Bolton North [W51]  and Lancs PL Leyland [C550] were parked near Tockholes, 5 May 2007.